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Who contacts atnovus to receive its leading services and products?

The following examples gives you an impression whether we are the right partner for your need:

• Professional publishing companies ask for an interview with a person in public – so called VIP - they do not have an established relation to. The atnovus VIP network often solves your problem if you accept the condition that atnovus is doing the interview for you.
• Correspondingly, professional publishing companies ask for material on VIPs or keyplayers in business and science, such as photos.

• Highly talented authors searching for an agent may receive powerful support. atnovus assists you in successfully finding and contracting a publisher or producer of high reputation. Please note that atnovus is exclusively working in the fields of science books and books for children.
Artists presenting new and fresh ideas may hire atnovus as a consultant and advisor. atnovus will successfully identify innovative marketing concepts combining artwork and business.
Professional publishing companies need travel-related reports on any country, or region of the world. atnovus also performs such kinds of tourism-related missions and expeditions.

• Accordingly, professional publishing companies need knowledge on current science and technology. atnovus constantly monitors strategic areas of the science and technology szene.
• Regular non-publishing companies need to know and understand all details of their market and competitive situation. Our research team provides comprehensive and convincing studies including analyses as well as strategic guidelines. Benchmarks are only one part of our methodical instruments.

Altogether, atnovus does not perform information mass business in the sense of providing current news automatically to thousands of receivers – like ”ticker” services.


How do you order and receive our services and products?

Professionals contact us first to discuss their demands and requirements. We check and try to offer the required solution. When ready, our clients receive all material with full copyright. Means that they become exclusive owner of the material in the sense of copyright and all subsequent rights to use. This guarantees exclusiveness for both parties.


Where on earth would atnovus work for its clients?

Principally, we realize projects worldwide. Most of our projects concern and focus Europe, and North America.