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atnovus : COMPANY

atnovus creates tablet-based family entertainment, i.e. apps, such as for the iPad. With own highly innovative formats and technologies atnovus provides a platform for creative authors, illustrators, animators and game-designers to realize high-level products.

atnovus represents a specialized press and research agency focusing individual strategic topics in business, science, tourism and public – and this worldwide. It is no regular mass information provider by offering any kinds of ”tickers”. Instead atnovus delivers highly selective press, media and research products and services to its clients - on demand. The clients thus define the missions of atnovus.
atnovus also acts as a literary agent and assists highly talented authors in successfully finding and contracting a publisher or producer of high reputation. Please note that atnovus is exclusively working in the fields of science books and books for family entertainment.
Artists presenting new and fresh ideas may hire atnovus as a consultant and
advisor. atnovus will successfully identify innovative marketing concepts
combining artwork and business.
The high reputation and experience of Dr. Stephen Fedtke, the head and founder of atnovus, stands for professional results on a top level.